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An Interview Nearly Too Hot to Print

Earlier this week KL Kreig released her newest book, the first of a duet, Lost in Between. It’s AMAZEBALLS! I got the opportunity to do an interview with the two main characters and lemme tell ya… I had to fan myself. A lot.

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I’m beside myself with glee. Today we are joined by Shaw Mercer and Willow Blackwell. Interest in these two recently spiked the richter scale when it was revealed to the world that one of Seattle’s most eligible bachelors appears to have settled down with a relatively unknown beauty.


Hello, and welcome! omg…this man is gorgeous! I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it together


Shaw, I have to say, this coupling seems to have shocked our community. Were you surprised by the interest in your personal life?

Shaw smirks. “Surprised? Yes, though I shouldn’t be, I suppose.” Shaw pauses and gazes at Willow, his eyes never leaving hers as he answers Rachel. “I can see the media’s fascination with Ms. Blackwell because it’s the same fascination I have.”

Willow blushes and throws Shaw a shy smile.


Willow, Mr. Mercer has a bit of a reputation…did that make you leary of him? Did you make him work for your attention, or did you do what so many of the area’s single ladies would and succumb without question?

Willow laughs. “Succumb? Is that what the other single ladies have done? Well, Ms. Caid, I am not like other women and I think that’s one of the reasons Mr. Mercer was drawn to me.”

Shaw leans over and whispers in Willow’s ear, but not low enough it can’t be overheard. “That’s not the only reason, Ms. Blackwell.” Willow’s face reddens.


You met in a rather unconventional way, wouldn’t you say? What were your immediate thoughts of each other?

Shaw pipes in. “I’m quite sure you wouldn’t be able to print what my initial thoughts of Willow were, Ms. Caid.”

“Shaw.” Willow swats Shaw on the leg and tells him to, “Stop.”

Shaw grabs Willows hand and brings it to his mouth, placing a kiss in the center of her palm. “What? It’s the truth, Goldilocks.”

“Next question,” Willow tells me, so I move on, almost feeling like a voyeur between these two, who can’t keep their hands from each other.


Now, you’ve been seen out and about a few times since you went public, but what people really want to know is what a simple night in is like for you.

“It’s like any other couple, I suppose. Dinner, candlelight, romance. Sex. Lots and lots of sex.”

“Oh my God, you’re incorrigible, Drive By.” Willow looks to me. That blush she’s sported since she sat down has deepened and spread. “Don’t print that.”

Shaw palms Willow’s nape and turns her toward him. “It’s the truth and don’t pretend it isn’t, beautiful.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not. We don’t need to let all of Seattle into our bedroom.” Willow slides her eyes to me. She looks desperate. “Don’t print it.”

“Print it,” Shaw tells me in a tone that’s final. “Next question.”




How about some fun getting-to-know-you questions, rapid-fire style?

“Sure.” Shaw answers first, but Willow mumbles, “This ought to be interesting. Just don’t ask about spreader bars.”

“Spreader bars?” Shaw’s interest is piqued. “What is this about spreader bars, now?”

Willow’s light laugh echoes off the walls. She puts a hand to Shaw’s chest and pushes him back. “Never mind. You can continue, Ms. Caid.”

Am I the only one starting to get hot here?


Favorite ice cream?

“I’m boring,” Willow says. “Chocolate.”

“Any flavor I can eat off of Willow is my favorite.”

“Oh my God.” Willow covers her face with her hands and Shaw just chuckles.


Coffee or liquor?

“Coffee,” Willow tells me, while Shaw answers, “Depends on the time of day.”


Day on the beach or adventure in the mountains?

“Anywhere Willow is.” Shaw’s smile is easy and genuine. So is Willow’s when she responds, “Same.”


Last text message between the two of you?

Willow bites her lip and her attention snaps toward Shaw. Shaw’s grin widens like the devil wearing Prada. “Don’t you dare,” Willow tells him on a hush.

“I think in this case, I will listen to the lady. Moving on.”


Favorite quality of each other?

Shaw and Willow can’t seem to break their hot gazes from each other. “I appreciate the time you took with us, Ms. Caid, but some things should remain private and this would be one of them.” It’s Shaw that quietly answers me but with the soft purse of her lips and nodding of her head, Willow is in agreement.


Talk about piquing interest….

Thanks for stopping by today, Everyone I talk to is desperate to know more about Seattle’s newest power couple, so I’m sure they’ll eat this right up.

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