Hear it Straight from These Modern Descendants

I have a special treat for y’all today. If you’ve read the most recent release from the talented Elda Lore (LB Dunbar) – her Modern Descendants series, you understand why I’m a bit giddy… I think the entire book can be captured in one word: Swoon.
Solis makes EVERYONE swoon, and it’s oh so good.

Please welcome Solis Cronus and Veva Matron to Rachel’s Ramblings.
*waits for excited murmurs to die down*

Solis, you and Veva had quite the, um, introduction. What started off as fun flirting quickly became something … else. Can you tell us what it was like meeting the lovely Ms. Matron?

From the moment, I saw her across the pool, I was captivated. I might represent the heavens, but she redefines heavenly. Of course, her snarky attitude quickly doused my flames a little at first. *laughs*

And Veva, you appeared to be less than enthralled … was that for show, or were you as disinterested as you seemed?

(cups hand to whisper) I don’t like to admit it, but the instant I saw him, all my parts tingled. I’d sworn off men, but my eyes kept wandering to him. I couldn’t help it. But don’t tell him, because he already has a big head most days. *winks*

You both have less than stellar relationships with your parents. It happens. Was that something that helped bring you closer, a kinship of sorts, or did those issues bleed into your lives and cause friction?

Solis: Well, I think, unknowingly that estrangement from our parents might have bonded us. It definitely defines each of us a little bit. It’s hard to follow in the footsteps of a man like Zeke, but then again, I don’t want to be as…shall we say, procreative…as he is. I wanted the one, like I’m always telling my brother, Heph. There is one out there for each of us, I just had to keep waiting for Veva.

Veva: *smiling* I guess my relationship with my mother wasn’t as awful as it seems, but is intense, and finding out she kept secrets from me hurt. A lot. I also think I needed the break, both college and my visit to Zeke’s home provided. Getting out from under her, opened my eyes.

What’s a story without a little drama? Am I right? Your story certainly has it’s fair share… I’m going to say a few words and as quickly as you can, I need you to tell me the first thing that pops into your head after each one. Ready? Okay …

Solis: annoying
Veva: *groans*

Solis: father
Veva: father figure

Solis: Veva
Veva: California

Solis: turquoise blue, like the rim of Veva’s eyes
Veva: orange *smiles shyly*

Now for the fun, get-to-know-you rapid fire questions. They’re easy-peasy, so don’t think too hard.

Favorite drink?
Solis: Blue Demon
Veva: *shaking head to agree* Blue Demon, definitely.

Favorite date activity?
Solis: finger painting
Veva: *laughing* Okay, finger painting.

Last text message to each other?
Solis: You are my sunshine.
Veva: I love you.

Go-to midnight snack?
Solis: I don’t think I can admit that publicly.
Veva: *swatting Solis* ice cream, maybe, oh gosh, what he said, actually!

Thank you so much for joining me here today, this has been … enlightening *wink wink*

I hope everyone enjoyed his sneak peek into two of my favorite characters, and please do your a favor and pick up the first two books in this series. Book three (Heph) will be here soon!


iBooks   AMAZON   Nook   Kobo

Veva Matron is a feisty girl raging with suppressed anger and distrust of men.

Solis Cronus is a blindingly beautiful, Greek god of a guy, who likes to play women.

An electric hatred thunders through each of them about the other until one night, lightning strikes. A world of secrets reveals the destiny of two at odds with one another, and clouds the line between love and hate. Can a lively girl find calm in the stormy tension of a boy made of sunshine and sin?

The mythical tale of Zeus and Hera reignites in this modern interpretation of enemies to lovers. Full of flirty sexual angst and teasing temptation, Solis might be the one man who can extinguish Veva’s angry fire and ignite a different sort of flame: desire.

Start the Series:

hades-ebook-cover-Amazon-192x300iBooks  Amazon  Nook  Kobo

“Welcome to Hell.”

Persephone Fields is just an average girl: beloved daughter and loyal friend. One night decides her Fate, when the prince of The Underworld becomes her savior and her kidnapper.

Hades has lived centuries in darkness and sin. When he decides to save the blonde goddess, he doesn’t consider the ramifications of his decision to bring her into his realm.

Two worlds divided struggle to find friendship in a history of family discord beyond their control. When attraction blurs the lines, questions result in choices of love or loyalty.

A modern twist of the classic myth: Hades and Persephone, this version incorporates the sensual tension of opposites divided by contemporary humanity and mythical underworlds. Also reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, this is a love story ripe with desire.

+++ Author Note: This story contains scenes of sexual intimacy +++

Coming April 3

heph-bronze-ebook-191x300iBooks  Amazon  Nook  KOBO

Phyre has a haunting past. The girl without a last name and fire in her hands burns with a history of destruction to save herself. Solace is finally found in the cozy comfort of Hestia’s Home, a place for women who need hiding. Just like her five surrogate sisters-in-solitude, Phyre yearns to extinguish memories and rekindle her spirit. Her plan blazes forward until he arrives.

Hephaestus Cronus considers himself an ugly man. A near-death accident left him disabled but not without heart. His gratitude lies with the protection of his foster mother, Hestia. Running from a failed relationship, Heph only desires the familiar fires of the hearth at her home. Burned from the heartache, Heph never expected to spark a new flame in the rose-bud-cherry-haired girl missing a name.

This modern tale of Hephaestus, the metal working god, rights the wrong of a crippled man failed at love. Here the flaming passion he deserved as an under-recognized god is written in a new fashion with the fiery spirit of a woman who ignites true love between these twin flames.

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