WILW: From Lukov With Love

Do you have a go-to author? That one person you know will deliver a fabulous story? I do, and her name is Mariana Zapata ❤️

Last night I make the mistake of starting one of her books. I say mistake, because I had to work today and should have known sleep would be secondary to words. And holy smokes, did I love those words. And, honestly, I always do. MZ has this style, second to none, that draws you in, makes you not just love the characters but wish they were your friends, and leave you sad that you finished. MZ books are the ones you devour until the last two chapters or so, then slow to a crawl because you don’t want it to end.

37683751._UX75_ And lemme tell you, From Lukov With Love nailed it. Buy links can be found on her website, marianazapata.com … For ALL of her Fab books. You can’t go wrong, so eenie meenie miney mo is a legit way to pick you first MZ story.

I’d love to hear about your favorite author/authors in the comments!

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