New Year. New Look.

Sometimes, a girl needs a change. Maybe it’s her hair. Or clothes. Or *ugh* diet.

But this new look is something I’ve been considering for a loooong time. When I began writing Healing in 2015, I had no plans for any more books. Never did I imagine my creative well was deep enough for two, let alone four (with #5 on the way!). So I picked a beautiful picture and my friend K. Webster created the original cover for Healing.

It was beautiful. It was also really hard to to find similar images to make the series look like, well, a series. But I worked my ass off and found them. And they were also beautiful. And sort of overlooked.

Earlier this year, I joined an author group and found out that many authors change covers over time.

How could I do that to my babies?

Turns out… Pretty easily LOL

Once I realized change was not only okay, but necessary I got to work. There was only one teeny weeny problem… I’d already ordered paperbacks for the Holidays with the Belles signing in February. So new paperbacks will have to wait a few more weeks.

Here are the new, gorgeous covers!

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