What I Love Wednesday – February 5, 2020

One month later…

So the first two, maybe three weeks of the uear went fairly well. But somewhere along the way I broke my promise to myself and yoga stopped happening. But I’m back in the groove, so not all.hope is lost. I also read The Zero Sugar Diet by David Zinczecko and holy crap was it eye opening. And, hopefully, something I’ll stick with. We’ll find out in March I guess lol.

Picking writing back up is always hard, but the longer I stay away the hard it is. That doesn’t mean I’m giving up. On the contrary, I am focusing on getting the voice of my H correct so I can move forward. Claire is a difficult mix of take-no-shit and vulnerable young woman. I want to get it right as rain. And I swear we’re getting closer every day ☺️ If you’re curious about the vibe (or just like kick ass music), check out the HBS playlist on Spotify.

In between writing, my day job, and family life I have also been adding new artwork to my store. I am *surprise* IN LOVE with the mugs. For my upcoming book, Hidden by Secrets (no release date yet, sorry 😭), I’m going to create a logo for Lawson Customs and add it to the store, so be on the lookout for that!

Check out all of the cute stuff available in my store!

And don’t forget, all of my titles are in KU for a limited time. Check them out here if you haven’t yet ❤️

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