What I Love … Thursday? ~ March 5, 2020

I can’t believe I already messed this up LOL. But I’m late and what’s done is done. I’ve been listening to too much Rachel Hollis to beat myself up too much.

Y’all… It’s almost SPRING! And spring means more daylight, diggin’ in the garden, and outdoor yoga (which I love)! I am riding this positive change for all it’s worth, and that’s a lot. So maybe I’m not getting that daily yoga, but I’m getting closer. One thing at a time Rachel! Listen to other Rachel! Also, please consider Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing. They will empower, motivate, and inspire you to be the best YOU can be.

In February I borrowed The Zero Sugar Diet by David Zinczenko. Actually, I’d had it in hold forever and one day it showed up. I’ve heard aaaalllll about how unhealthy sugar is (orange is the new black, sugar is the new cocaine) and this book is a wealth of knowledge. I have lost 4 pounds, which isn’t a whole lot but it’s something. And I’ll take something over nothing any day! Another bonus, my cooking got better and you all need to make these pork carnitas right. Freaking. Now. They are life changing.

After a great conversation with my friend Aubrey Bondurant, I was able to rework my outline and find more time for writing. She is an amazing human and if you haven’t read any over her books, you are missing out. Anywhoo, she and I talked and while I’m not sure she got anything out of it I walked away with a new lease on my writing life.

Slowly but surely, Claire’s book is coming along. I had an alpha reader take a peek and the response was super positive, which is inspiring & motivating. This heroine is a little fiesty, super ambitious (holla 🙌🏻), and refreshingly romantic. I adore her. Heck, part of me wants to be her. I recently wrote their first kiss and 🔥 whoa. Like seriously, W.H.O.A!

My books will be out of KU after March 17th, so if you’re a subscriber don’t miss out!

❤️ Rachel