What I Love Wednesday ~ April 1, 2020

What a hell of a month March was! The world as we know it has been altered and everyone is adjusting to the new “normal” daily. People are afraid, and rightfully so. The words “unprecedented” and “unknown” are in every other sentence of almost anyone on television and I’m not gonna lie…. I’ve just turned that shit off.

I work in an essential industry, and while I am no medical superhero, banks are a necessity. I am also a business owner. And (most importantly) and mother and wife. These are crazy times and I’m doing the best I can. But I’m not special… aren’t we all doing our best? Though I’ve been basically silent on social media, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know this next tidbit…..

I’m not writing at the moment. I’m not putting any effort into anything extra right now because y’all, I’m f-ing tired. Like, going-to-bed-at-9-and-too-tired-to-fall-asleep tired. And I can’t put two sentences together that I can be remotely proud of. I hope to have a handle on my new schedule soon, but for now I’m actually giving in to some much needed self care.

My books are out of KU and available on a ton of platforms. If you’re looking for a break from reality, I think their a great source.

I will keep you all in my prayers. Sending lots of love and good vibes to everyone ❤️

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